Monday, April 29, 2013

Lake Tahoe Bound

Cutting out of San Francisco a little early. We went over the Golden Gate Bridge, check, and had dinner in a little Bay Area so we experienced a little bit. Wish we would of made it to fishermens wharf, but we ve seen a lot and we re ready to start venturing home. Once you jump on 80, it's a 10 hour shot.

We are stopping in Tahoe and may camp for the night there. We did have plans once to move here, so now we can actually check it out.

I would like to do another road trip sometime starting in San Francisco and head north, finishing the states coast.It's sooo Big! Better yet, just move here for a year. I would live in ocean beach or Santa Cruz, those were my two favorite spots.

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Still trucking

We found a secret camp spot last night that a friend had told me about in big sur. we had to do a little off roading, jeep style cruising up this dirt road. Panzo and I were a little scared at times. It was in Los padres national Forrest. The site was gorgeous and we managed to get a phenomenal sunset that we saw right over a bed of clouds. Probably the most unique sunset I've witnessed.

Before we camped, we went to pismo beach and they had the coolest surf shop ever there called Panchos and the best clam chowder soup ever from Splash Cafe! We got a blanket and chilled on the beach for awhile and then went to another beach called Avila beach and walked the pier. Before we left to go camp- we hit up the farmers market and got shrimp, onions, garlic and jalapeƱos for our fajitas we were gonna make! Yummy! They turned out delicious.

I slept like absolute shit! I wasn't too sure about the bear scene- which I found out today- there's hardly any in big sur because the ranchers poisoned all of them back in the day. But... I woke up to a woodtick and some horrible mosquito bites that reminded me of Minnesota and didn't make me miss it at all! Except for friends and family! The woodtick was chillin on my neck making his lil way to my sculp. All day today, I ve been overly itchy and cautious of those lil suckers!

Highway 1 is awesome up here. The water is so blue. Every lil bay is a picture to be taken! Pictures aren't even doing justice though for the beauty of this place.

We had breakfast in the cutest little cafe back in the Forrest. So many flowers everywhere! Ca-ute!!!!

Friday, April 26, 2013

Refugio state beach

We left San Diego :( and got on the road last night at like 6. Drove through Hollywood, L.A., long beach & Compton- Not places of interest for me to get out of the car. At first, the idea sounded great until gabe talked me out of it. I said, "well Gabe, sublimes from long beach!" Then he replied, "yea, they grew up in the ghetto. Snoop dog and Dr. dre are from there too." After hearing all the horror stories of traffic, crime,and Everything else...i didn't care to. Some day tho. I did manage to snap some cool photos of the city sky lines though. The lights made the cities look cool from a far, especially with a neat sunset and palm trees.

We drove up to Sana Barbara and found a camp site called Refugio state beach. I read that it was a big locals spot, so we turned in. We set up camp and could hear the waves slamming against the beach. We decided to walk down there before we crawled in our bags. They had a board of tid bit information about the park and one big aspect was there was whale watching! Yes!!! But wait.... Then I read that we missed it by a month. Darn it!

The next morning- today- we packed up and decided to take a little hike. There were some cool beach cliffs I wanted to check out, and the weather is really nice today, so we trotted on up. Within 5 seconds of getting to the top, we saw whales! It was amazing! We chased them all the way down till the path couldn't reach anymore! It was really cool to see them in the wild. And we weren't even expecting it.

Now we are heading to San Luis Obispo, there is a couple cool beaches there and a farmers market everyday!! I'm excited to see what it all about. After we are out to find a camp site in las padres national Forrest, big sur.

Thursday, April 25, 2013


Man- I just had to. I had to get something crossed off that bucket list and couldn't contain myself from not purchasing the tickets when we stepped up. It was worth it! I just have always wanted to swim with these beautiful creatures my whole life! My dolphins named was Tobby. She- yup a girl- was soooo cute! I loved her! We switched up half way through and I got Steiny, we danced! It was unforgettable being with them in the water. They are so gentle and smart, and their gestures are so friendly and warm.

Sea world is amazing, far better then San Diego zoo. We also got to touch sting rays today, that was neat! They have a very squishy skin. You can feed them, they re like little begger dogs. They come right up and flap their fin out at you, begging for food!

It was a long day, and thanks to Casey Rishavy, we got one free entry way into the park.

Guess whose super pooped? Sancho Domingo. Today he went to camp run a mutt n. It's a doggy daycare that has a sweet play place and a water fountain to lay In.And check this, they have live video cams so you can watch your dog on 5 different channels through out the day. We definitely utilized that, a couple times. It was fun to see him on the cameras playing! At the end of the day, they all get a report card so you can see how they behaved! So fun! It's like picking your child up from daycare.

We are back on the road now heading north, not sure where we ll get to tonight! That's the fun in it though! I ll miss you San Diego, especially ocean beach!

Affordable Chic

Check out my aunts website and the amazing stuff she has created! Very talented and makes thing look beautiful! Very proud of her and her creations.

I belong here

Have you ever been somewhere, and just felt like you were suppose to be there, like you belong there? That's how I feel about ocean beach California! I'm in love. Last night, after the San Diego zoo, we went back to ocean beach for some dinner, to find the coolest farmers market EVER! We got strawberries, free hummus giveaway and all these free samples. Then we bought some ceviche and shrimp tacos. Hmmmm I love farmers markets.

Yesterday we went to San Diego Zoo. It was a neat zoo, but honestly, I think I was expecting a little more out of it. I thought it would be more extraordinary. Minnesota s got a great Zoo too. (With land animals as sea animals.) but today we are going to sea world, which I am so excited for. Unfortunately, I don't think I am going to swim with the dolphins, it's quite expensive and I think I am going to wait until I am abroad.

The weather here has been great. San Diego weather doesn't change much through out the year. It's in the 60s-70s everyday. No wind. Starts off cloudy and then turns to sun. Doesn't rain much.

I toured the Quiksilver headquarters which was amazing. It was huge, made up of 3 big buildings. I got to go to the personal employee stores and meet some corporate people. It was a good experience and I am glad I got to make it!

Twi nights ago we went to the pacific beach area, another cool place! Its similar to ocean beach, but a little bit cleaner and more college students. We had dinner with Casey Rishavy and her boyfriend at a little sushi place! There are so many sushi restaurants, everywhere! It was super yummy and wonderful to catch up with her.

So far California is treating us very well. I wouldn't be surprised if I end up here next!

Monday, April 22, 2013

We made it!

We made it to California. It's fricken awesome! Ocean beach is sick. We walked the streets for a bit, got some Mexican food and watched the surfers. im in love. i could totally plant a life here. ocean beach is filled with surfers, surf shops and low life hippies. and best of all, its so dog friendly it hurts :) After we found a campsite. A campsite thats... Hmmm... how to explain..(won best camping award in California last year.) its definitely not any back country experience, we ll just say that, lol.

We didn't do much exploring today because I have a big day tomorrow at the quiksilver headquarters. It's always been a dream of mine to work for this company. And after two interviews, I'm finally a sales associate. One day, one day I hope to be here in the headquarters. Tomorrow I get to see where the magic is made.

In the mean time, we are camping at camp land, yup, car camping with our tent, but they have great amenities. Nice pools, a work out center, a beach, a market and a LIQOUR store. Not our style, but I do need a shower tomorrow. We just got done hot tubing, drinking some wine and now we are starting a fire. I'm so excited for tomorrow, you have no idea. More to come.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

The Heat is On

That's a pretty corny one, but seriously, it's 90 degrees today and Panzo is not a happy camper. Like I told him, just stay in the shade and drink water today. My uncle chad brought over his bulldog and so did the neighbor and then there's Cody, the lab, watching all these fools run around. Dog party! Hilarious!

Today we just chilled by the pool! It was relaxing and nice! Caught up with deb and Dan and talked about how tough in health this last year was for them. It's interesting to hear about all the things in your body can go wrong, what tests have to be performed, what hurts and what doesn't, the after effects. It just amazes me.

Tomorrow- heading on the road to California! Whoop whoop! Pretty stoked to see the ocean!

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Good morning from horse shoe bend

Today we woke up quite early. Packed up camp, got coffee and hiked up to horse shoe bend. Horse shoe bend is a beautiful overlook of the Colorado river. Today there are a bunch of citizens of Page America picking up trash on the side of the road. I suspect it's for earth day.

Due to a road collapse, our venture from page to Scottsdale will add 49 miles from the detour. Maybe we will stop in flagstaff for lunch. I'm excited to see my family. We obviously never made it to Sedona:( another time. Camping on the beach last night was fun though and we made grilled ham and cheese sandwiches and drank a bottle of merlot. Now just relaxing, eating some raspberries. Here we come Scottsdale and 90 degree weather.

Friday, April 19, 2013

Lake Powell

It's the first day on the road and we decided to camp at lake Powell tonight. I've been here once before to visit lindsay but this is Gabe and panzos first time. Everything is so relaxing. It's sunny, really quiet and just peace and calmness. Panzo and gabe are playing fetch and im just chilling and relaxing. Ahhhhh! Serenity! We left park city at 6:30am this morning! we were planning on 2am, but that didnt exactly happen. oh and did i mention being hungover in the car sux, so don't ever go out the night before you leave!! Lesson learned. No plans for the rest of our day but to just chill out and relax. Maybe try to catch some sun rays. Next destination is Scottsdale in the morning.

Monday, April 8, 2013

Winter is still here!

This is not a joke. Woke up this morning and we had a huge dump! Yesterday was a beautiful spring day and then bam! Gotta love living in the mountains. Looks like we could be skiing for awhile.

Music Monday

Oh i just love this song, and HER voice is amazing!!!! This song makes me miss all my friends that are leaving :(  Off to new Adventures for EVERYONE!

Sunday, April 7, 2013

California here I come!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


In a week or two we will be venturing out for our Road Trip. Time to pack up the car, pack up the pooch, get some snacks, and get on the road. We are heading to Sedona, AZ first to go to some really cool rock slides at a state park called Slide Rock State Park. Sedona is also really well known for their Red Rocks which we'll be seeing all the way from MOAB to Arizona. Then after Sedona, we are going to scottsdale to spend some quality time with the family. It'll be good to check out Grandmas new Pad and see Auntie Deb & Dan.

Then after Arizona, time to hit up California for some Exploring. I have been to Cali once and that was when I was a baby, so technically, that doesnt even count. We will be making a few major stops, one in San Diego and one in San Fransisco. The rest of our time, we have nothing scheduled, we're just going with the flow. We have a couple of friends on the way that we will stop and see.
We are also going to do some camping at Big Sur, Northern California. They have tons of great camping and beautiful hikes. There is a 10 mile hike that I would like to do to these hot springs called Sykes Hot Springs. There are really cool waterfalls on the way too.

If we can, and have enough time, we would like to check out the Redwood forrest.

<-------------- Yeah I wish that was our WHIP!

I just cannot wait to lay on the beach, chill on the board walks, people watch, eat tons of good Mexican Food and do some camping & exploring!
And while we are there I would like to VISIT Sea world and we may, just may, go to Disney Land if my manager Ty can get us free tickets, which he said is a great possibility. We'll Seeeeeeeeeeee, The Adventures are Endlesssssss!!!!!