Sunday, April 21, 2013

The Heat is On

That's a pretty corny one, but seriously, it's 90 degrees today and Panzo is not a happy camper. Like I told him, just stay in the shade and drink water today. My uncle chad brought over his bulldog and so did the neighbor and then there's Cody, the lab, watching all these fools run around. Dog party! Hilarious!

Today we just chilled by the pool! It was relaxing and nice! Caught up with deb and Dan and talked about how tough in health this last year was for them. It's interesting to hear about all the things in your body can go wrong, what tests have to be performed, what hurts and what doesn't, the after effects. It just amazes me.

Tomorrow- heading on the road to California! Whoop whoop! Pretty stoked to see the ocean!

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