Sunday, July 21, 2013

Meet Cisco

Well after 3 1/2 years of owning the most awesome, characteristic, handsone, English Bulldog, we decided to go ahead an add another fluffy boy to the family. Size it up a little. Instead of an English, we decided to go with a frenchie. Not much difference, but they are a little more hyper, their ears stick up and they are smaller.

 Panzo was getting lonely, and though he loves being spoiled by his parents and being the only child, we couldn't bare to see him grow up alone. He's always had roomies to chase around and play and hike with. So when Grizz and Penny left, I started my search for our unborn baby dog, named Cisco. I came across a few websites and contacted them. A couple replied back, and I went with the one that was willing to lower their prices a little for a loving family❤❤, with no intention of breeding. Prices can get pretty expensive when you have the intention of breeding your puppy. 

So we made the agreement not too (because i certainly had no intention of breeding dogs), I sent her the deposit and we waited eagerly for our new lil guy to arrive, anxiously counting down the days. Our first little guy we picked out unfortunately didn't make it. We had to start the process all over and wait another 6 weeks! NO!! NO!!

Another 6 weeks passed and we were at the airport to pick our baby up! It seemed like the happiest day of my life. He was the most cutest little baby boy I had ever seen, besides panzy. My heart melted and I didn't want to do anything but spend every waking moment with him. We were a little worried about how Panzo was going to react, but he didn't seem to mind Cisco.  Cisco loved panzo. He adored him and wanted to be where ever panzo was. Whenever panz was taking a rest, you could find baby Cisco cuddled right up in panzos arms/rolls. You could tell panz was starting to fall for Cisco and care for him like a little brother. They are 2 peas and a pod now.