Saturday, April 27, 2013

Still trucking

We found a secret camp spot last night that a friend had told me about in big sur. we had to do a little off roading, jeep style cruising up this dirt road. Panzo and I were a little scared at times. It was in Los padres national Forrest. The site was gorgeous and we managed to get a phenomenal sunset that we saw right over a bed of clouds. Probably the most unique sunset I've witnessed.

Before we camped, we went to pismo beach and they had the coolest surf shop ever there called Panchos and the best clam chowder soup ever from Splash Cafe! We got a blanket and chilled on the beach for awhile and then went to another beach called Avila beach and walked the pier. Before we left to go camp- we hit up the farmers market and got shrimp, onions, garlic and jalapeƱos for our fajitas we were gonna make! Yummy! They turned out delicious.

I slept like absolute shit! I wasn't too sure about the bear scene- which I found out today- there's hardly any in big sur because the ranchers poisoned all of them back in the day. But... I woke up to a woodtick and some horrible mosquito bites that reminded me of Minnesota and didn't make me miss it at all! Except for friends and family! The woodtick was chillin on my neck making his lil way to my sculp. All day today, I ve been overly itchy and cautious of those lil suckers!

Highway 1 is awesome up here. The water is so blue. Every lil bay is a picture to be taken! Pictures aren't even doing justice though for the beauty of this place.

We had breakfast in the cutest little cafe back in the Forrest. So many flowers everywhere! Ca-ute!!!!

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