Bucket List Baby

1. Sing Karaoke (Believe it or not, I've never done it)
2. Travel to South America by 2014
3. Live by the Ocean for a period of time in my life.
4. Learn Spanish and be fluent
5. Donate $200.00 by 2014 to an organization I am very passionate about
6. Get certified for belaying in rock climbing
7. Take a Beer class and learn more aspects about beer
8. swim with Dolphins
9. Go para-saling
10. Go to the Worlds Biggest Cave, Son Doong
11. Go to BANF
12. Ride an Elephant
13. Go to Machu Picchu
14. See George Straight Live
15. Go on a Volunteer Trip Abroad
16 .Take a wine class and learn more aspects about wine
17. Ski 9990 the winter of 2012/2013
18. Open a boutique with my friend
19. Go to Zion National Park
20. Go to the Grand Canyon
21. Ski @ Solitude/Brighton and Snowbird the winter of 2012/2013
22. Road trip East Coast
23. Road trip West Coast
24. Go to Niagra Falls
25. Go to Alaska & Hawii
26. Try Surfing
27. Hold a Monkey

This List will constantly be growing & hopefully getting shorter through out my life :)

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