Thursday, April 25, 2013


Man- I just had to. I had to get something crossed off that bucket list and couldn't contain myself from not purchasing the tickets when we stepped up. It was worth it! I just have always wanted to swim with these beautiful creatures my whole life! My dolphins named was Tobby. She- yup a girl- was soooo cute! I loved her! We switched up half way through and I got Steiny, we danced! It was unforgettable being with them in the water. They are so gentle and smart, and their gestures are so friendly and warm.

Sea world is amazing, far better then San Diego zoo. We also got to touch sting rays today, that was neat! They have a very squishy skin. You can feed them, they re like little begger dogs. They come right up and flap their fin out at you, begging for food!

It was a long day, and thanks to Casey Rishavy, we got one free entry way into the park.

Guess whose super pooped? Sancho Domingo. Today he went to camp run a mutt n. It's a doggy daycare that has a sweet play place and a water fountain to lay In.And check this, they have live video cams so you can watch your dog on 5 different channels through out the day. We definitely utilized that, a couple times. It was fun to see him on the cameras playing! At the end of the day, they all get a report card so you can see how they behaved! So fun! It's like picking your child up from daycare.

We are back on the road now heading north, not sure where we ll get to tonight! That's the fun in it though! I ll miss you San Diego, especially ocean beach!

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