Friday, April 26, 2013

Refugio state beach

We left San Diego :( and got on the road last night at like 6. Drove through Hollywood, L.A., long beach & Compton- Not places of interest for me to get out of the car. At first, the idea sounded great until gabe talked me out of it. I said, "well Gabe, sublimes from long beach!" Then he replied, "yea, they grew up in the ghetto. Snoop dog and Dr. dre are from there too." After hearing all the horror stories of traffic, crime,and Everything else...i didn't care to. Some day tho. I did manage to snap some cool photos of the city sky lines though. The lights made the cities look cool from a far, especially with a neat sunset and palm trees.

We drove up to Sana Barbara and found a camp site called Refugio state beach. I read that it was a big locals spot, so we turned in. We set up camp and could hear the waves slamming against the beach. We decided to walk down there before we crawled in our bags. They had a board of tid bit information about the park and one big aspect was there was whale watching! Yes!!! But wait.... Then I read that we missed it by a month. Darn it!

The next morning- today- we packed up and decided to take a little hike. There were some cool beach cliffs I wanted to check out, and the weather is really nice today, so we trotted on up. Within 5 seconds of getting to the top, we saw whales! It was amazing! We chased them all the way down till the path couldn't reach anymore! It was really cool to see them in the wild. And we weren't even expecting it.

Now we are heading to San Luis Obispo, there is a couple cool beaches there and a farmers market everyday!! I'm excited to see what it all about. After we are out to find a camp site in las padres national Forrest, big sur.

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