Tuesday, May 28, 2013


This memorial weekend was real CHILL. Gabe and I decided to hike to "the living room," a popular hike  among the salt lake city folk. Its located in the foothills above red butte garden. It was about a 45 minute hike up hill. Once you get to the final destination, there is a homemade living room, made up of furniture like chairs and couches. These aren't your average couches and chairs, they are made of rocks. Its a unique little spot.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

All Finished

Our road trip was amazing. I love being on the road and having no reservations or places to be. I was excited to get home though and sleep in my bed :)

Lake Tahoe was amazing. I am glad we decided not to move there though. Truckee, the little town, is a bit smaller then park city and not as artsy or cultured. I did enjoy some of the little towns though that were closer to the lake. The lake is absolutely gorgeous too. In some spots, you can see all the way to the bottom. Theres a lot of kayak, paddle boards and boat rental shops surrounding the lake. Theres also tons of campgrounds, little cottage hotel/motels and some bars. We didn't spend a lot of time there, we didn't even camp. We just got out at a dog friendly beach and let panzo do a little swimming. He's such a little swimmer dog, its quite comical because its not in his breed. But he just cant get enough of the water.

All in all, the trip was amazing and unforgettable. If I had to spend some time in California, which I wouldn't be opposed to at all, I would live in Ocean Beach or Santa Cruz. Ocean Beach because its such a cute little beach town. The pier is beautiful and its so dog friendly. Everything is in walking distance, its not too big, its not too small. They have a farmers market that we got to go to, EVERY wednesday. The people there look neat and around our age. I wanna go. Santa Cruz was a little bit more touristy, but I could see myself fitting in there too. I loved the pier, and the downtown area is really cute too. They had a little trolley that we road that reminded me of park city that took you from the beach boardwalk area to the downtown area in 5 minutes. We'll see what happens. Ya know, I also fell in love with Vail when we went for the Burton US open. Its way cuter then Park City, and I love the set up of it. The only problem is, its kinda spend, from what I heard. $$$$$ Everyone said that Park City would be expensive too, but we've managed this far. I guess it helps to know people. ;)

Anyways, we're back home and settled in. Our cable/internet has been shut off since Lindsay and Matt left and it was in Matts name. Time to start reading more and renting movies from the library. Thats where I am right now. Im getting two books today, one recommended by Ashley Devaan called Wild, by Cheryl Strayed and The Traveler,recommended by Andrea Currie. YAY!!!!

I wanted to share a few more pics from my trip. Especially the ones from Big Sur, the most beautiful place ever. I can't get over the beauty. I kept asking myself, Is this real life??? Seriously, the beautiful water colors and then all the amazing flowers that were surrounding the beach. Unbelievable!

BIG SUR- In and out of the Clouds

Driving down the Mountain where our campsite was

Santa Cruz Board Walk, taken from the Pier
Sand Sculpture
Lake Tahoe @ its finest
Panzo swimming away in Lake Tahoe