Monday, November 5, 2012

MUSIC MONDAY- My work out Playlist

Working out to music is the best. I can't read, and I can't watch TV. If I am at the gym, MUSIC IT IS! Some music will pump me up so hard when I am working out compared to other music. The good stuff will get me so tranced in to my work out that I will forget that I am even working out. I usually listen to Pandora or my work out play list on my iPod. So I will tell you what I listen to when I work out if you tell me what you listen to :) 


1.Britney Spears-Womanizer
2.Nelly Furtado-Promiscuous ft. Timberland
3.T.I.- What Ever You Like
4.Alex Clare- Too Close
5.GROUP LOVE-Tongue Tied
6.Britney Spears-Toxic
7.FLO RIDA- Whistle
8.ICONA POP- I love it
9.MGMT- Electric Feel
11.Eminem-Loose yourself
12.OUTKAST- The way you move
13.Beastie Boys-Fight for your Right
14.Cypress Hill- Superstar
15.David Guetta ft. Akon-Sexy Bitch
16.Pussy Cat Dolls-Dontch Ya

I need more SONGS, what do you guys listen to?

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