Tuesday, November 6, 2012


I took this photo on a hike of the Big White Barn. Its a well known park city historic land mark. Its right off of highway 224, you can't miss it. Its also a well photographed piece of art that you can find on post cards, art galleries and other places among park city and even beyond that. Park City Utah is amazing! Theres so much natural beauty everywhere. I cannot wait for the winter season to start. I've never lived somewhere where winter was so amazing, Its funny where life takes you, 2 years ago I never would of thought I would of wanted to live in a ski town with snow, we were planning on doing the very opposite and moving somewhere HOT. Well not anymore :)

Recently Gabe & I decided that we will be leaving park city at the end of the season. Our time is up here and its time to move on. We will be venturing off to Lake Tahoe, northern lake Tahoe, around the city of Truckee California. So in May/June time, we will be heading to California/Nevada area. In February we are heading there to go visit, and I am going to check out a school and attend an informational session. I have one friend in Tahoe, but that is it. It won't be like Park City, moving with a bunch of our friends, but the complete opposite, not knowing anyone. Lake Tahoe has 7 resorts based off of it, Squaw Valley, Heavenly, Sierra, Alpine Meadows, Northstart, Kirkwood and Mount Rose.  We are excited!

Lake Tahoe in the Winter

Lake Tahoe in the Summer

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