Thursday, November 1, 2012


When black creepy, cats prowl around and  beautiful orange pumpkins gleam, May luck be yours on Halloween! Every year on Halloween, park city celebrates by having kids come down to main street to trick or treat, and for all the families that are crazy and dress up their dogs- to meet and show off their furry friends in a dog parade from the top to bottom. People are too funny- You should see some of the costumes people put their animals in, but hey, i will admit, I am one of those people.
Panzo was not the happiest camper dressed as a devil. Lucky for him the parade doesn't last very long, just long enough for citizens of park city to snap a pic of their favorite bulldog, which believe me happened way too much. A couple of my favorite costumes were the chia pet, a hot dog, money bags, clowns and the ones that match their owners. TOO FUNNY! I love Halloween!

After the Halloween parade we got some dinner with some friends and came back to the house to greet the trick or treaters! This year we would finally get trick or treaters, YAY!! What I found to be pretty common was a lot of trick or treaters in groups. I love answering the door and screaming to pretend how scared I am of them all and making them do funny things. I also just recently volunteered at the zoo, and we made all the super heroes flex their muscles and screamed in horror at some of the kid's costumes. Its funny because they think your really scared! One of the kids at our house last night asked us how much candy he could take, that brought me back to the Jimmy Kimmel episode that is so HILARIOUS! Check it out....

We decided to watch a scary movie, since I am huge fan of scary movies. Made some hot apple cider and popped in the movie "IT." What a combination huh?

"Oh what's that? We didn't dress up you ask?"
"OH YES WE DRESSED UP! WE HAD A HALLOWEEN PARTY ON SATURDAY AND    WENT OUT TO MAIN AT THE END." Dressing up is my favorite, especially when you put the costumes together from pieces. Imagination my friends.

After a long, busy, summer of Minnesota weddings, I thought it would be best if we celebrated our OWN wedding. I celebrated in a beautiful dress that I bought at Savers for 30 some dollars and the veil and white gloves at another local thrift store. Gabe picked up the pants and coat at Savers and his red bow and suspender accessories at a local salt lake thrift store. We definitely had some fun with it!

Halloween was awesome and I can't wait till next year! Until next Oct. 31, Stay Spooctacular!!!

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