Sunday, September 1, 2013

Austin is the Shit

Yo Yo Yo! So think about all the cities you have been to in the US. How many have you ventured around? Whats your favorite things to do in them? It comes to you quick huh? Well, at least for me it does. I have been pondering it lately. I want to go to all the cities in the world and discover their hidden treasures.

South Congree Austin Graffiti

South Congress

When I think of my favorite city, its definitely Austin Texas. I love it. I think good local food, a fun-indie, vintage scene, such unique, eccentric ways of living, individuality and a great music scene is what really fuels the city. Especially the 2 festivals that are a major part of the Austin culture; SXSW and ATX. All of this mixed together creates the unofficial motto that was born in Austin, "Keep Austin Weird." (A polite request for all the locals to keep things local.) I always have a wonderful tour guide that shows me the best of the best in Austin, so I've never had an awful time. Every trip is a fascinating experience.

Last time I was in Austin, we ate a restaurant called Kenichi, Saras's job at the time. We ate some bomb ass sushi, drank sake and got to taste test all the AMAZING desserts. I also learned about Naked Sushi. Get nakey and lay on a table for a party of people to eat sushi off you? If your paying me thousands of dollars? and YES they are. So crazy! But I am not lying, its a real thing. You can check it out for yourself --------->

The trip I took before this previous one, we went for a lil stroll in the neighborhood Sara was living in, and she escorted us to this really cool junkyard/ backyard. The family had built a little house/cathedral fort out of all the materials and pieces they had collected in their yard, mostly made up of bicycle hubs. You could walk in it, up it, and it was an actual little building. It was pretty neat and creativity spiking at its highest. This is the kind of fun things you find in Austin. 

Pagi House

When I went to Austin on my last trip, it was my 26th birthday. I had two things I needed to check off my bucket list while I was there; 1. To ride a mechanical Bull (seeing we were in a city that dominates in country music and cowboy boots, there had to be a bull around there somewhere) 2. To sing Karaoke. My night was very successful.  First I completed the bull ride, did OK and then sang Karaoke at some bar, Weezer, "say it ain't so."Very Rememberable experience. 

YOLO YOLO! Ahhhh Shit!

Have I ever told you about my friend Sara Lynn Karrow? We go way way back. We are 2 peas and a pod and have been since 4th Grade. She moved in 9th grade to Texas. If it wasn't for her, I probably wouldnt not know all the cool things I do about Austin. She works in the Pastry industry, making bomb yummy desserts. She has previously worked at Paggi House, a recommended restaurant for anyone to try if your heading to Austin. Of course I was there with Sara, and we had plates of fresh oysters and other delicious small plates coming at us left and right. People scattering from the kitchen and all around the restaurant to greet us. Sara is a special person and makes everyone gitty ;)
 Sara is very creative, artistic and is so fun to hang out with. NEVER A DULL moment with her. When we reunite, its always a shit show evening with lots of adventure and memories made. I love her to pieces. 

<------------------------------Cutes Patios Ever.

Did I mention she has the coolest house? Her walls are filled with old family vintage photos and just neat little artifacts she has collected over the years. One of my favorites pieces of hers is my moms jewelry box I gave to her when we were kids. I failed to even ask my mom if I could give her the jewelry box, I just gave it away. What a rotten little child I was. My mom wasn't very happy about it. Attention Parents!!!! make sure to teach your
children that giving away other peoples things is not a nice characteristic. I owe my mom a jewelry box. Anyways, its always like taking a trip to the museum when your at her house, and like many houses in Austin, there is eye candy everywhere. Another favorite thing of mine about Austin is the patios that people put together. Plants, lights, flowers, little signs, GREEN GREEN GREEN, stuff, cute stuff, creative stuff. It looks like a board that was made on Pintrest, called "cute patios" I swear.
Austin is constantly striving to be sustainable and local. Sara lives next to a grocery store that is the the cutest place called, called "In.gredients." I went there for my morning cup of Joe. Its right nexr door to her apartment, so I just walked right out the door and bam I was there. Its a zero waste, package free, grocery store, selling local ingredients from local areas around Austin. You bring your own jars, and packaging and take what you want. Its a very sustainable way to shop. I had never seen this before except at whole foods in the nuts and granola section. To see this become more popular in my city would make me proud. Though our summers here in park city are dominated by lots of farmers markets with lots of fresh, local produce, to see something like this become established would be pretty cool. So jealous of Sara that she can walk next door to it.

Anywho I love Austin. I can't wait to return for a visit with my best friend in one of my favorite cities. 

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