Friday, September 28, 2012

Global Food Disparity: A Photo Diary

Global Food Disparity: A Photo Diary

This is really interesting. The American family has a lot of fatty foods on their table, even Mckie D's, BIG SURPRISE! Ahhh man. I try to think back to when I last ate mcdonalds, which wasn't that long ago (HEY, I did a lot of road tripping this summer.) They also have Burger King, OH MAN! How often do you eat fast food? Unfortunately, lately, I have been eating more fast food.

The american pic doesnt  have much healthy food on their table:( I see some grapes and tomatos and thats about it. According to these pics, Mexico eats a lot better. They look very colorful in their fruits, so maybe I should move there. I want to try this, take a pic of our family and food. I would like to say that I eat healthy, but I would by lying, I need more veggies and fruits in my life. I eat too many carbs and my problem is eating out. We need to get in the routine of grocery shopping and cooking more! But that can be time consuming. I am making a new goal for myself to only eat out twice a week and it starts NOW.

        And the author says, "If you look closely at the types of food being purchased you can see        the difference between "eating to live" and "living to eat." Ecuador and Chad definitely don't have an abundance of food and it looks more localized compared to some other countries. Which family do you want to eat like? 

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  1. That's great to make those kind of goals for yourself. It's HARD not to eat out.. Chase and I have been doing pretty good, but it seems like when the weekend comes we throw out all structure and eat out almost every meal! We need to focus on that.. it saves so much money! Also, we haven't really been having carbs for dinner.. usually just a lean meat, and double veggie! Brussel sprouts and a salad, or broccoli.. Sometimes a little rice. Try that! You feel good when your done because you aren't over full.. Anyways.. Keep on keepin on, sista.