Sunday, September 30, 2012

Bottle Cap Wind Chime

You always wonder what to do with all your recycled bottle caps, well...heres an idea.... Make a bottled cap wind chime!!!!
All you need is
1. Bottle caps
2. Wire
3. 2 sizes of jump rings to connect the bottle caps
4. A base to hang everything from (be creative.)
5. Drill/hammer nail

1. Drill 2 holes in all the bottle caps or nail, whatever you prefer.
2. Connect all the bottle caps with the jump rings. The pattern will go Bottlecap-big jumper-small jumper-big jumper-bottlecap. Repeat the pattern until your chain is complete. Make 6 chains of 6 bottle caps and 4 chains of 8 bottle caps. The 4 long chains will go on the inside and the 6 shorter chains will go on the outside. 
3. Connect the chains to whatever creative base you found (You will also need to make holes in the base too, 4 on the inside, and 6 on the outside. The jump hooks are likely not going to fit through the base, so thats where the wire comes in. You can hook the wire through the base holes, and then hook it through one of the holes on the chain of the bottle caps. After connecting all the chains to the base, Your Wind Chime is complete!!

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