Sunday, October 20, 2013

Driving Home

After a wonderful weekend in Scottsdale with my family, we are making our way back to Utah. Our weekend was filled with so many fun things. I got to see my favorite person in the world, my grandma Myrt, And my cousin Adam, who I haven't seen in 3 years. Gabe and I celebrated our 5 year anniversary at a beautiful hotel and got a couples massage and lastly we got to celebrate my aunts 60rh birthday. What a fun weekend! 

My grandma is seriously my idol! I love her so much. It was amazing to see her and have her make it to my aunt debs bday. Cherish every moment you can with your family!!! It sure is a treat when I get to see them. 

On the ride home, I started to realize that I wasn't feeling too hot. Well thinking back, my mixture of events explains it all. First a day at the pool, with a few FULL strength beers and not a lot of sleep, and then a deep tissue massage (releasing tons and tons of toxins from my body) followed by a night of celebrating my aunts birthday- that explains it all. Being dehydrated and getting a massage followed with getting even more dehydrated is not very nice to do to your body. The deep tissue massage was amazing though! So nice and relaxing! I think I've drinken a lot of water to the point where it's annoying Gabe, stopping every hour to use the restroom facility! I've been spending some of this driving time tho looking up tips to do before a massage. So for next time Cassie.

 Check it out....

Massage Tips 

Remember, you are about to stimulate your body's most powerful system of detoxification. If you do not follow the recommended instructions given below, you may feel sick after receiving lymph massage. The lymphatic system is responsible for handling and neutralizing toxins and wastes created from food, pollution and our own body's daily cellular activities. It is also responsible for housing and transporting immune cells.


Massage Tips Before your lymphatic treatment:

  • Arrive at your appointment well hydrated. Dehydration will severely impair your ability to detoxify and rebuild and may make you feel ill.
  • Expect to undress to your level of comfort but know that direct contact with the skin is always best. Tight clothing and under wire bras will make it difficult to get lymph moving.
  • If you choose to wear clothing during your session, wear cotton underwear
  • Arrive with an empty stomach or eat a light snack prior.Drainage will be performed in the deep abdomen and organs.
  • Do NOT apply lotion to your skin prior to treatment. Dry skin contact is more effective for stimulating the stretch response needed by your lymph vessels.
  • Do NOT drink alcohol or consume recreational drugs the night before or immediately after your session. Your liver will be responsible for detoxifying much of what the lymphatic system collects so please don't burden it before your session or you may feel quite sick afterwards.
  • Plan and allow for a period of MOVEMENT immediately after your session. Your lymph collects toxins and places them into the blood stream for removal. 10 to 15 minutes of gentle movement and breathing is recommended such as a short walk before getting into your car after the session, walking your dog, or hitting the gym or a gentle yoga class is one of the most critical massage tips to follow.
  • Plan and allow for a period of REST after treatment and movement if needed. Your body's resources and nutrients will go toward "cleaning up shop" and this may include an immune response to cleanse any bacteria or foreign cells that don't belong.Rest will allow the body to regenerate and heal.
  • If you are already sick, fighting an illness, or recovering from illness, consider shortening your session or contact your therapist to identify the best time to receive lymph work. The first acute 24-48 hours of illness is NOT the appropriate time to receive massage. Be prepared for your immune system's increased response listed above!
  • Use the restroom prior to getting on the table. No one likes to "hold it in" or run to the restroom in the middle of a relaxing Lymph Drainage session!

I'm feeling a lot better now. But for a good hour, I was not feeling well. I'm glad it's passed and over with. Tomorrow I will only be drinking water.


  1. Ooh very informative! <3 Love massages! Happy Anniversary to you two! It sounds like you had an amazing weekend!

  2. Are these shots of the nature yours? They are great!

    1. Yes they are, and from the car. Crazy huh?

  3. Great post! Beautiful pictures :)