Tuesday, September 10, 2013

WheatGrass Shots

So as you may know, Gabe & I decided to be pescatarians this summer, cutting meat out of our diets completely. Why? Because we were eating  red meat way too often and wanted to try something new. We also thought it would be a great way to eat more vegetables and fruits, and to add more awareness searching for organic, local, eco friendly foods around our city. 

Every time I work at my restaurant job, I head next store to Booster Juice, a local smoothie place in Park City and pick my self up a protein shake and a shot of wheat grass. I  enjoy the taste of the shot and feel a great, natural burst of energy after I take the shot. It tastes like someone just mowed the lawn, but in your mouth. And its soooo good for you. Chlorophyll, a major ingredient in the shot, does a lot for your body, theres some other perks too. I made a list for all you, so you can understand the benefits.  :) 

1. Gets rid of toxins in your body
2. Strengthens your immune system - It can help cure Bronchitis, a fever, infection and skin disorders
3. Improves digestive track functions
4. Only contains 7 calories
5. Good for loosing weight and cleansing the body
6. Prevents tooth decay
7.  More energy
8. Rejuvenates Blood
9. Builds blood and stimulates circulation
10. Deodorizes Body

You can buy a wheat grass grinder at walmart for $30 and grow your own wheat grass. Did you know wheat grass is gluten free! Holla!!!!!!

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  1. Yum I do love wheat grass shots.. i've been having them here as well! So good for you!