Tuesday, March 5, 2013

An epic trip to Vail Colorado

We had a sick opportunity to travel to vail Colorado and volunteer at the burton US open. The benefits that came along with it, were like a chest of gold. Free condo, free ski passes, free drink tickets and free food, meet pro snowboarders, watch an epic competition and the opportunity to be in an awesome ski village and out of park city Utah- I"ll take it!

So Wednesday night, me and my partners in crime (lindsay Clark and Kristina sandi), headed out on our 7 hour journey to vail Colorado! Girls trip! We loaded my jeep to the max and headed on our way. Expected arrival time: 3:30, actual time, around 4:45.

The first day we woke up, after our hour or 2 of sleep and headed to vail mountain for our volunteer work. We volunteered in the VIP tent, which honestly wasn't the most epic day. We worked with this know it all dude- that told us what to do and stood around. It was still fun, and we honestly didn't have to be in there that long, so we were happy when we were done. Then we took a ride break and hit the mountain. Now- might I catch you up on my cast situation- I had broken my arm previous to this trip, 6 weeks ago. I got my cast off the day before I left for this trip. I was excited to get back on my board- but nervous! I mean I m not a good rider yet and I'm still a beginner, but man I was riding so good the day I broke my arm, I just wanted to get on my board and be right at the level I left off, but I knew that wasn't going to happen. I ended up having a nice little ride, I was overly cautious tho and hit some flat spots. Those are the worse, because if you don't get efficient amounts of speed, your going to get stuck!

I'm skipping to the next day! This day was awesome!!! It was a dream to wake up and see powder every where! Powder is like floating on a cloud of joy! If you fall, you don't hurt yourself, it's like falling on a big, white, fluffy cloud. This day, we got to ride all day with minimum volunteer work to be done! It was awesome. I rode by myself this day, you know what they say, "no friends on powder days"! I did some fun blues though and my snowboarding was already improving. I had my wrist brace on, so I felt great about the situation!

During our stay in Vail, they had free concerts at night too. We saw macklemore and santigold played the next night which we unfortunately missed:( but macklemore was good, I'm gonna pop some tags!! Heheh

The last day, we did some fun volunteer work- got free burton shwag and drank a few beers ad watched the competition! It was a bluebird day and the sun was shining. Getting my goggle tan on:) ad yes I did get some sun! Then we had the private burton party which was epic. The she's were sick and we danced our little butts off.

Ad yes- I did hang with Sean whites mom and meet KELLY Clark and Louie Vito;) I had a pretty good time. It's good to get away sometimes. Oh and we did a hot tub sesh and drank champagne. Always gotta do that right? What's a weekend get away with out champagne?

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